In the light of recent events*, I couldn’t help but reminisce over the characters from our childhood called Yogi Bear and Boo-Boo. For those of you’ll who are wondering who they are; “Hey! Awaken that inner child from that deep slumber! Splash some water on his/her face! Rise and Shine! The world is your oyster! There now, you remember don’t you? Well, for those of you who still can’t recollect who these two masterminds are, the world ain’t no oyster of yours.”

For those of you’ll who are not aware the A.A.M.C.: Archaeological Association of Martyred Cartoons (Long Live Cartoon Network) has been toiling away since 1990, without any credit and recognition. But they really could not ask for any of that, since they had not discovered their Eureka moment yet. Well, that was true until now. Just one week prior, they struck gold; they found the diary of Yogi Bear! Bravo A.A.M.C. (Long live Cartoon Network)! The diary was retrieved from a picnic basket. Due to the fragile condition of the diary, it is not available for the public. But, we have managed to procure some excerpts for the Readers of this blog!

Just a gentle reminder: Yogi Bear is smarter than the average bears. Hence, do not fail to read between the lines and do not miss out on the knowledge bombs. {For those of you’ll who don’t know what knowledge bombs are, please read all the previous blog posts before you take advantage of our inner sources in the A.A.M.C.(Long Live Cartoon Network)}

Diary of Yogi Bear

Entry for 26-12-1991

Dear Diary,

I’m worried today. No, I have not run out of food, Diary. I am worried for Boo-Boo. The time is coming close for when he is going to have to graduate from my home schooling and enter the big bad world. I did not have the resources to send him to Honey-bear High School for his education, but I swear by every pic-a-nic basket I have ever eyed, I did my best to educate him and equip him with the life-skills I had gained from my years of experience. Have you seen him skateboard on water? He will beat every bear in every school there is.

The thing is Ranger Smith conducts the B.E.E. (Bear Entrance Examination) and also provides tutelage for the same. I could go to him and take advantage of the 60% reservation they have for the Bears residing in Jellystone Park. In that way even if he doesn’t score exceptionally well, it would still get him into any medical college of his choice. Yes, Diary, my Boo-Boo wants to be Dr. Boo-Boo. But Diary, the easiest path is not always the right one isn’t it? Where is the pride in this method? With what face will I tell Balu and Winnie-the-Pooh that my Boo-Boo got into Medicine not because of his merit, but because there was a reservation for bears based on factors absolutely irrelevant to the intellect of the individual bear; which in this case is the only thing being tested in the B.E.E. After all does his residence in Jellystone or his ancestor being a proletariat, affect his intellect or his capabilities to ace the exam? It wouldn’t make sense to issue him a license to drive, when he can’t actually drive, but just because he has a reservation, he gets a license. Empowered with a license, he may get a car. But what happens to all those innocent bears walking on the paw-path then, it would not be right to endanger their lives, will it? No Diary, I’ve raised him well.

I have to find a way out. I always do, don’t I?

Wait a minute, I see a boy in my direct vision, with a can of Honey-Bull! Boo-Boo had told me to try that energy drink, something about giving you wings. Just what I need! I will get back to you in a moment Diary.

HELLOO AGAIN Diary! Boo-Boo was wrong and right as always. This drink tasted like Ranger Smith’s cough syrup. Although I do feel energetic! My brain does seem to have gone into overdrive.

I can sense my EUREKA moment coming close Diary… YES! I know what I should be doing. The reservation for the Bears of Jellystone Park was given to us since we could not pay 100 Honeycombs for the schooling and education materials. I am going to approach Ranger Smith and ask him if he can apply that 60% reservation on the cost of the books and the tuition fee for the preparation for the B.E.E. In this way my Boo-Boo would get the same level of preparation and he will get the medical seat on his own merit!

Entry for 27-12-1991

Dear Diary,

Ranger Smith was thrilled to hear what I had to say! Good Fellow that Ranger Smith is. He went one step ahead Diary! Just to level the playing field, he decided to completely waive off the fee for the books and tutelage for preparing Boo-Boo and the bears of Jellystone Park. So now, they will be equipped with all the material required to ace the exam as the bears of Honey-Bear High School. And every bear all over the nation will secure a seat with pride on his/ her own merit. Every sweat and tear shall translate to a seat without any bias. I am smarter than the average bears, am I not Diary? Ranger Smith was so awestruck with my progressive thoughts that he is going to award me with the Nobel Honey Prize at the end of the year on the National Bear Television! Boo-Boo will be so proud!

(Reader, some of the pages were lost during the archaeological excavation)

Entry for 28-03-1993

Dear Diary,

I am elated, thrilled, and proud and I shall throw a huge pic-a-nic party! My Boo-Boo bear stood 3rd in the B.E.E.! He is going to become Dr.Boo-Boo soon enough! Yes, I now have the face with which I am going to go to Balu and Winnie-the-Pooh now! I shall see you soon Diary, have to go and give a huge Bear Hug to Ranger Smith!

P.s.: I also have to run to the Band. I know what our next block-bear-buster Single is going to be called: We Don’t Need No Reservation! Genius, am I not?

{Reader, the remaining excerpts are still being deciphered by the top Archaeologists at A.A.M.C. (Long Live Cartoon Network). Have no doubt that we shall share them with you as soon as we get our hands on them.}


*The recent events I referred to at the start of the blog was the announcement made by the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh(India) Yogi Adityanath to end caste-based reservations in private medical and dental colleges.


Also, if you too are as progressive as Yogi Bear, do leave a comment. Ranger Smith’s descendant reads my blog. Maybe your comment will win you a Nobel Bear Prize too!